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A different meal every time

Our rotating menu is designed to allow you the experience of a different meal every time you visit.

Start by choosing from a base of rotating custom green with dressings and topping and then add 3 or 5 separate items from our rotating small batch modern canteen… or if you are on the go, opt to grab a pre-curated bento box full of the day’s greatest hits.

Rotating Greens From the Rabbit Bar

Asian Greens
Spinach & Arugula
Green & Red Leaf Blend
Baby Kale
Mesclun Mix


Ginger Citrus
Honey Sesame
Agave Tamari
Thai Chili
Miso Mustard
Ponzu Jalapeno
Asian Oil & Vinegar

Daily Rotating Canteen

Tandoori Spiced Chicken, South Asian Chimichurri
Black Bean & Ginger Infused Chicken, Bamboo & Water Chestnuts
Coconut Sambal Chicken, Thai Basil, Essence of Lime
Malay Rendang Flat Iron Steak
Xacuti Beef Kebabs, Roasted Spices & Coconut Sauce
Japanese Style Chashu Pork Loin
Szechuan Mapo Tofu Steaks, Chinese Parsley
Black Pepper Tofu with Roasted Seasonal Mushrooms
Goan Fish Vindaloo, Parisienne Potatoes
Sake Smoked Lake Fish, Yuzu Asian Pear Salsa
Avocado Boats, Miso Infused Pico de Gallo
Tumeric Cauliflower, Honey Yogurt & Tamarind Chutney
Japanese Eggplant with Bulger & Greek Yogurt, Tomato Curry Oil
Firecracker Brussels Sprouts Slaw, Tchichimi Togarashi
Roasted Harvest Squash, Plantain, Coconut Honey
Chinese Long Bean, Preserved Chili & Black Garlic
Red Lentil, Edamame & Pea Salad
Edamame & Peaches and Cream Corn Succotash
Roasted Choy Sum, Garlic Chips & Toasted Sesame
Heirloom Thai Tomato Salad, Lime Zest, Mint & Tulasi
Tangra Vegetable Manchurian Dumplings
Kolkata Style Gobi
Zucchini Pad Thai
Southeast Asian Harvest Congee
Cauliflower Risotto Salad
Garlic Tamari Soba
Vegan Pad Kra Prao, Garlic Chili & Tofu
K-Town Style Jap Chae
Japanese Curry Mazeman
Faro, Forbidden & Brown Basmati Rice Blend, 5 Spice & Scallions
Hijiki, kale and quinoa salad with herbs and french dressing
Mango Chow Chow
Stir Fried Yu Choy, Garlic Chips, Toasted Sesame
Tom Yum Zen Cavatelli
Yuzu Jerk Tofu
Daily Catch Tataki Tostada
Charred Shishito Peppers
Shiitake & Enoki Risotto, Bunt Panko Crumble
Brown rice pasta and kale genovese sauce with caramel nuts


Chopped cilantro
Garlic chips
Housemaid chili oil
Black vinegar
Fresh ginger
Crunchy chili

Egg Porn

Tamari Tea Soft Boiled Egg
Sunny side up egg
Sous vide poached egg
Pickled Tumeric Egg

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